Wednesday, April 19, 2006

This week is devoted to training and pruning our peach trees. At Royal Oak Farm we have around 1100 peach trees, give or take a few. I say give or take a few because we tend to lose 3 or 4 each year to disease or age. Our oldest trees were planted around 1993-94. In northern Illinois, we are getting about 10-12 years out of our peach trees and have begun to replace those older trees. We began planting the new peach trees in the spring of 2004 with around 600 trees and have added about 400 more over the spring of 2005and 2006. Those trees are now in their 1st and 2nd leaf. We are training the newer peach trees to a modified vertical axis system. It will take approximately 7 days to prune and train the 900 trees which I began doing on April 17. Since I am working with peach trees that tend to lean towards an open center, it takes some additional training to create a central leader. In my next post, I will include some before and after photos for those of you who may be interested. Until then, happy orchard keeping!


At 10:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Norton,

I have a small (5 acre) apple orchard that is in the process of being revived. I recently planted a patch o' peaches (60 trees) utilizing the perpendicular-v system. I am curious about the central leader system. I plan on planting another patch o'peaches next year, and am wondering if I should try the central leader system. Please keep us updated

At 11:47 PM, Blogger Orchard Keeper said...

Originally when planting our new peach trees, we were going to use the perp-v system but decided on the central leader instead for the reason I mentioned in today's post.


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