Monday, April 24, 2006

As I mentioned earlier, I have been training our new peach trees at Royal Oak Farm Orchard to the central leader system. The trees are really starting to take shape after this year's pruning and are actually beginning to look like central leader trees as in the photo at left. The peach trees in the photo are planted on 8' centers, as opposed to a perpenducular-V system on 5' centers or open center system on 12-14' centers. One of the major advantages I am finding with the central leader system is that there is no loss of scaffolds due to canker in the scaffold crotch (where the scaffold (limb) meets the trunk). With the perpendicular-v system and the open center system, there can be scaffold loss due to the scaffold splitting away from the trunk at the crotch due to canker or winter injury. For more on the proper pruning technoques to prevent disease spread visit Pruning Peach Trees.