Monday, May 01, 2006

Fresh Picked Home Grown

Finally a rain day! We haven't had any significant rain for over 2 weeks and I have had no time to get caught up on my office work. This weekend we finally got a couple inches of rain and it's still raining today. Good for the trees, especially the new ones, and gives me time to catch up on web work and marketing for the orchard. Speaking of marketing, we have 3 other local farms that have formed a cluster with us for marketing our products to the community. We have chosen the name "Fresh Picked Home Grown" since those are the search engine keywords that seem to be used most often to find our orchard on the internet. In conjunction with we have planned an advertising campaign for the 2006 season that will focus on the benefits of buying local produce direct from the farmer.

Why a buy local campaign? Due to corporate pressure to "get big or get out", we have lost nearly 67% of our farms in the US since 1920. There are now more prisoners in the US than full-time farmers. We have four generations in our family living right here at Royal Oak Farm and we want to preserve our farm for those future generations. We produce one of the finest apple and peach crops in northern Illinois and want to share that product with the surrounding comminity which will in turn help sustain our farm for those future generations here and within the community.

With that said, looks like the rain has stopped and I have to get back to pruning and training. See you next time!