Saturday, May 13, 2006

Rain, Rain, Rain, and more Rain!

I had to ask for some rainy days! Just one or two would have been fine, but it's been raining now for 4 days and could go on for 4 more. We're stuck in this low pressure formation that looks like a mini-hurricane on the radar and just keeps hovering over Lake Michigan, spinning just like a hurricane. The jetstream is in this funky pattern that keeps the low pressure just circling around the lake. And in the meantime, we can't get into the orchard to spray at a critical time. The fire blyte model keeps telling us we are in an infection period and we need to do a strep spray, but it just keeps raining. We got a good spray on about 24 hours before the rain started, and will apply another as soon as it is dry enough to get into the orchard. We should be covered for the time being since a strep spray is good for only about 72 hours. if we get a break within the next 24 hours and can get another strep spray on, we will be completely covered.

Last week I spent most of the week weeding in the peach orchard. This time of year, since we just planted about 50 or so new peach trees, we can't apply our usual Roundup spray because the new trees are not Roundup resistant yet. They need to be at least 2 years old before being introduced to Roundup. So we use roto-tillers to till the soil in the tree rows and work the weeds into the soil. Then we apply a pre-emergent, that will keep seeds from germinating and new weeds from coming up. After the trees have matured for a year, we then introduce Roundup in small quantities.

Next time I'll go over out IPM trap setting and scouting for orchard pests.