Monday, March 19, 2007

The Off-Season

Most of the 2006/2007 off-season has been spent with updating my web sites and training our staff in pruning techniques. On the other side of being an orchard keeper, I develop web sites as a hobby. This off season I designed and built a web site that is strictly for ministry purposes. I have a Strong desire to see a revival sweep our nation and as a result of the desire, I developed the web site. The Revival Hymn video is a 30 minute video compilation of some of the greatest revival preachers of the 20th century. Visit the site if you get a chance!
Part of our pruning training has included 2 videos that pretty much sum up the entire reason we prune. Penn State has produced a video that can be found at and is available in both English and Spanish. The other video, which is much more in depth is Easy Steps to Fruit Tree Pruning found at It is a little dated since it was produced in 1990, but whether you have a backyard orchard, a large commercial orchard, a newly planted tree, or an old neglected trees, you'll get good results with the help of this video that covers tried-and- true pruning methods. I highly recommend it.
  • Tools you need & how to use them
  • Training systems - First planting to mature trees
  • Open Center
  • Open Leader
  • Espalier
  • How to handle old / neglected trees
  • How trees grow
Whether you are a novice or an experienced experienced orchard keeper you can use this system, and feel confident enough to go out and prune any fruit trees successfully.
I am currently working on our spray program for 2007 and will be posting it in the next few days. Until then, happy orchard keeping!!

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