Thursday, May 22, 2008

Beginning a New Season

It's 2008 and a new season has begun for us. I'm getting a late start in keeping everything up to date, just like the weather is getting a late start. Its almost the end of May and we have not had a night above 50 degrees yet. That means we were not able to get our oil spray on and the trees are now at petal fall. We only got about 1/4 of our copper spray on, but we have been able to keep our scab and fireblight sprays up to date. Yesterday we applied Apogee to control shoot growth to hopefully over come the fireblight we experienced last season.

We have planted over 1,000 new trees again this spring, adding Pristine to our variety mix. All of our new trees are on M9 or EMLA9 and BUD9 rootstocks. I'm training them to the tall spindle system as seen in the photo. The great thing aboput this planting system is that you can get 4 to 5 times the trees to the acre as with a central leader system and there is minimal pruning.

I will post our 2008 spray protocol within the next few days with our new Codling Moth program outlined that we had so much success with last season. Until then...