Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Start of Another Year!

Well, 2009 has come in with a blast.....of cold air that is...here in northern Illinois. In January we hit -18 degrees and have probably lost the peaches again this winter. That's been 3 winters in a row where we have had below zero temps that have wiped out the peach buds. We are now seriously contemplating removing the peach trees and possibly adding pear trees to the mix of apples we now have.

Speaking of peaches, today I received an e-mail from a home orchardist from Texas that is having a terrible time with pests eating their peaches, mostly insects and birds. I recommended and sent them a nifty little "Fruit Pest Control for Home Gardens" from Kansas State University that covers a more organic approach to the home orchard.

I am currently working on several new projects for the orchard this year, one of which is the propagation of one of our current apple varieties. As the plans begin to unfold I will post info on our choices of root stock and the propagation process. Hopefully my posts will be much more often then they have in the past!

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