Friday, April 16, 2010

Fruit Crop Advisory Team Alerts and News

The Michigan State University Extension and The MSU IPM Program have published new articles for the MSU Fruit CAT Alert newsletter. Visit their web site, to read the articles or use the links below for individual articles. They have also posted the full printable pdf version.

Tree fruit

· Update on resistance to strobilurin fungicides in the apple scab   fungus in Michigan

· Current status on resistance to sterol inhibitor fungicides in the apple scab fungus in Michigan

· Apple scab control 2010

· Agri-Mek label expanded to all stone fruits

· TNRC trapline data: Green fruitworm

· Copper products, characteristics, and uses

The next issue will be April 27, 2010.


A new issue of Scaffolds Fruit Newsletter from the Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, one of the premier horticulture research and extension institutes in the world, for the week of 4/12 has been posted at:

and  includes the following articles:


- Orchard Radar

- Pink pest management


- Movento


- Tree Fruit Guidelines corrections


- Powdery mildew

- Black knot on plum





The USU Tree Fruit IPM Pest Advisories provide nearly weekly updates on current insect and disease occurences, biology, and treatment recommendations for Utah.  Updates run from mid-March through September.


The current issues is available at:

and includes the following articles:


Eco-Apple IPM Conference Calls begin Tuesday, April 20

Starting on April 20, the UW-Madison Eco-Fruit Project will offer another season of free weekly conference calls with IPM consultant John Aue and other IPM experts.  Royal Oak Farm will be participating in these calls again for the 2010 season.

Why would we want to listen in?
These calls will help network growers to know what to watch out for, will answer current pressing questions, and will give an idea of what other growers are doing. At the start of each call, John Aue provides a comprehensive review of pest trends and activity in orchards. Next, he answers growers’ questions about pest and disease management issues. He also asks growers to talk about their own strategies for managing pests. John Aue provided IPM consulting services to Royal Oak Farm prior to 2007 and many other apple growers in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota for over 20 years. 


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