Thursday, March 03, 2011

More on Tall Spindle Systems

It is that time of the year when apple growers are pruning their orchards and planning for the upcoming season.  New trees being added to the orchard usually start arriving the first week of April or there about, depending on the growing zone of the grower.  We are in Zone 5 here at Royal Oak Farm and our new trees will be arriving the first week of April.  As we prepare for the arrival of those trees, we have to consider which planting system we will be using as will other growers around the country.

 zestar_tall_spindleZestar trees planted to the Tall Spindle System 4’ on center w/ 4 wire trellis to 9’

At Royal Oak Farm we have chosen the newer Tall Spindle growing system as have many other growers around the country.  We have been planting to this system for several years now and have around 5,000 trees being trained to this system at present with several thousand coming down the line in the future.  Fortunately, as this system becomes more and more popular, more and more information is becoming available for growers on the Tall Spindle growing system.


An entire web site,Tall Spindle Apple: All about the tall-spindle apple…Links to resources for growing a tall-spindle apple orchard has now been devoted to resources for the Tall Spindle system and can be found at  The site has been assembled by Jon Clements, an Extension Educator at  UMass Amherst and has links to just about every resources out there on Tall Spindle.  Don’t forget to check out Jon’s videos as well, especially those on pruning Tall Spindle trees.


As always, feel free to contact me anytime at Royal Oak Farm Orchard. Happy growing!!